VizVocus Inc. introduced the first digital camera system for surgical headlights in 2004.

In late 2006, VizVOCUS inc. also introduced the first digital camera for surgical loupes.  A few years later, in 2009,  VizVOCUS introduced the first HD camera for Loupes and Headlights. Several generations of products later, VizVOCUS Inc is still the leader with its Full HD Camera capabilities. Over recent years, with the help of search engines, VizVOCUS has expanded its market by offering its technology to dental professionals, school and oral surgeons. 

With the new and registered trademark award, LoupeCam® by VizVOCUS inc. is now contributing to gaining market recognition. Now, with a stronger understanding of this the growing medical and dental imaging demand, LoupeCam®’ positions itself with its new products as an innovative leader at the forefront of existing portable imaging solutions.

VizVOCUS is a small IT company that not only performs research & development directly in the United States, but also manufactures the complete product and assembly here. Backed by solid engineering skills, VizVOCUS continues to impress with new products, made in the USA.