Established 10 years ago, LoupeCam® by VizVOCUS Inc. is the only US manufactured, cross platform (Windows, Mac, Android and coming soon, Google Glass) surgical/dental HD camera system mounted onto loupes.

From the point of view that matters the most, the medical professionals, we offer a simple solution for HD video recording and still images which has increased patient and doctor engagement in procedure review. Aside from a highly performing miniature camera that weighs 0.4 oz.(most cameras in this market have a weight of .6 oz or more), we offer user-friendly software platforms for Windows, Mac, Android Tablets and coming soon Google Glass. Also, we have over 30 different adapters for Loupes and headlights, which is key for the integration of LoupeCam® and allows for adaptation to over 97% of the current loupes on the market. LoupeCam® offers multiple magnification lenses from 1x to 4x so that no matter what the doctor is seeing through his loupes, there is a lens to match and capture his view. To tie everything together for a one stop solution for medical recording, we offer a Bluetooth foot pedal. This allows the doctor to be able to start and stop recording as well as take still images without breaking the sterile zone. This form of pro-active editing gives the patient peace of mind while making the process more efficient, saving the Doctor hours of time.  

We don’t just sell a product, but actually a complete solution, which is truly unique and our customers are always really excited to use it. About 30% of our sales come from referrals. The dental professionals are driving the business, including general dentists, endodontists, periodontists, oral implant surgeons and even dental hygienists. Our surgical customers are outnumbered by the dental ones but offer more diversification in specialty. Our customers range from Top US cardiac and pediatric cardiac surgeons, plastic surgeons, to general surgeons, orthopedic, and thoracic. Because there are no borders with technology, LoupeCam® is also growing its presence internationally.  

Surgeons and Dentists are busy healthcare professionals and want high quality, simple and turnkey. Our customers constantly need to keep up with new techniques (i.e. dental implant installation), increase their work efficiency, self-promote and continue their education to keep their professional licenses, as well as patients.   

We are all part of the information apocalypse happening now. Video and images are the driving force behind this unveiling/revealing of information. By 2016, the web content is expecting to be 70% video-driven. Our product is the ultimate solution for medical professionals to be ahead of the curve.