About Us


In the early 2000, several doctors had approached a young Telecom technical team to design a solution that would make it easy and affordable to use video into the operating rooms. A quick glance at the industry and the existing solutions made the team realize that there was an opportunity to improve and simplify in bringing the operating room into the digital world while keeping it affordable.

In 2006, VizVOCUS was established with Vision in Focus.

From the point of view that matters the most, the medical professionals, we offer a simple solution for HD video recording and still images at an affordable price.  What started as the primary application in the early 2000 such as documentation, visualization and improving work efficiency has evolved over the years.  With the introduction of the Iphone 4 in 2007, offering the first smartphone with built-in camera, the demand for video has constantly been increasing.  With the arrival of Google algorithms persistently refining internet searches and video-driven rankings, the demand started to explode. 

Younger medical professionals coming from a wide range of specialties had all in common to educate not only their peers, but their patients too. While surgical procedures require undeniable technical expertise, the complexity would leave patients often behind, at loss and disconnected.  This principle is strongly seen for elective surgeries where patients’ hesitations relate to insecurities about the procedure and process because of their lack of understanding. An image is worth a thousand words.  The concept of video marketing was born.

LoupeCam® offers solutions that do not require doctors to change anything from their daily routine except adding a camera onto their loupes.  Recording or streaming during a case is made easy. Breaking down the procedure step-by-step to educate the patients helps reducing uncertainty from the patient’s point of view. Posting videos on the internet helps patients find the right expertise in search engines and medical professional to be seen. 

Video and images are the driving force behind this unveiling/revealing of information. The best marketing dollar is the one you invest into yourself and practice.