LoupeCam® by VizVOCUS, Inc. Privacy Policy

Revised and Effective December 2023

This Privacy Policy explains which personal data we “LoupeCam® by VizVOCUS, Inc.”(LBV) collects and how LBV Inc. uses such personal data when you use the LoupeCam® website and/or any of the LBT product offerings (including hardware, software, or Product Support; collectively known as “Services”). By using the  LBV website or Services, you agree to the LBV Terms & Conditions (loupecam.com/terms) and this Privacy Policy; and that LBV may process, transfer and store your information in the United States.

If you do not agree to these policies, please do not use the services. Any modifications or changes to this Privacy Policy or LBV. Terms & Conditions will be updated on the LoupeCam® website, or you may request a PDF copy at any time. LBV reserves the right to modify these policies at any time, and you are encouraged to review them regularly. Continued use of the Services signifies acceptance of LBT policies and revisions. Software updates, if necessary, are released via email to customers that will require them.

Personal Data VizVOCUS, Inc. Collects:
Contact information, billing/shipping details, and financial details are required to purchase hardware, software, or Services from LBV. This information is used to complete your order. If we experience difficulty processing your order, we’ll use this information to contact you. LBV. may also collect details on the type of operating system you use (to determine type of software required) and also details on the make/model of loupes and/or light you are using (to determine required adapters). Contact/billing/financial information may include: full name, email address, phone number, specialty, billing address, shipping address, credit card details, banking details if a wire is processed, and practice or office details. In addition to collecting this information for the purpose of processing any type of order (including demos), LBV may collect personal data from you for Services including:
-Software updates
-Product updates
-Occasionally newsletter or product release notification
-Product registration
-Product Support
-Other uses of the Services where information is requested for use and/or participation

The specific type of information collected will depend upon the LBV Services used. When you use our webstore, we may track the items you’ve purchased and the items in your cart if you’ve created an account. LBV hardware such as cameras and any accompanying LoupeCam® software do not transmit data back to. As the End User, you have complete control over the video and images rendered using LoupeCam® retain the sole responsibility for the protection of such data. Any data you submit to LoupeCam® may be documented and/or retained within your contact record. This includes information submitted via email, contact forms, social media or other web based accounts (including third party websites).

LBV may utilize third party analytics services to analyze how users engage the Services, such as noting the third party source that directed you to our website. If you utilize a third party network (such as social) that is public, you are authorizing us to collect store, and use in accordance with this policy any information made available. LBV may use online advertising services, such as Google or Facebook, both services which may utilize cookies for targeted marketing efforts. The data collected via these sites may or may not be anonymized, but helps us understand the effectiveness of our marketing initiatives.

This information is collected by LBV for various purposes.
We may use this information to understand the needs of our consumers and improve Services. We may combine data that is automatically collected with personally identifiable data to provide the best Services possible. This allows LBV to provide
Product Support, improve our Services to fit your needs, and make future software updates and upgrades available based on the LBV products you own.

If you place an order with LBV either online or via email, telephone, or in-person, we will use your contact details to communicate the status of your purchase and shipment, as well as provide transaction related documents. We may also send status follow up emails periodically to check in on your experience. You may opt-out of such emails by “unsubscribing” at any time, however this may leave you vulnerable to missing important updates.

Your personal data will be utilized by LBV to provide Product Support among other Services. LBV cannot provide Product Support without identifying a valid customer and corresponding Serial Number that should match internal records. This is in an effort to mitigate fraudulent sales or use of Services that violate LBV Terms & Conditions. Upon registering your LoupeCam® product, you will receive a brief series of status emails with helpful information. If LoupeCam®  releases an update to existing software, it will be emailed to you with an explanation and instructions on how to install it. You may opt-out of such emails by “unsubscribing” at any time, however this may leave you vulnerable to missing important updates.

LBV may share occasional newsletters, product developments, or special offers via email or online advertising. You may opt-in to these emails by joining our list at any time. If LBV releases new products, accessories, or optional software Upgrades, you may be notified via email. You may also opt-out of these emails by “unsubscribing” at any time, which may leave you vulnerable to missing important updates.  

LBV respects and values your privacy. We will never sell, share, rent or trade your data without your consent. Our customers are our priority, and we would not compromise your trust by sharing your data. LBV retains personal data to keep records of sales, Services, and to improve our products and your experience.

LoupeCam® users may often share testimonials, feedback, or original content with LBV. This information may be used in the future on our website or other media outlets or platforms, with the User’s permission. By sharing this type of content with LBV you are responsible to ensure no private data is inadvertently disclosed and that you would like to remain confidential by preference or legal obligation. LBV will obtain your consent prior to sharing this content and provide credit as agreed in advance.

LBV may need to share a portion of your identifiable data with certain Service Providers for contractual purposes, such as a shipping company to fulfill orders, a credit card processor or bank to complete a transaction, or an email service provider to send communications on our behalf. These third party service providers do not have access to data other than is given directly to them for a specific purpose and is not authorized to use your data for promotional purposes. 

Information collected by LBV is considered a business asset. In the event LBV is purchased or acquired, goes out of business, or enters bankruptcy, your information may be disclosed or transferred to a third party acquirer in connection with the transaction.

LBV reserves the right to be compliant in both legal and law enforcement matters. LBV will disclose information to government or law enforcement officials if lawfully requested by a public authority or if we are required to do so within a legal obligation. LBV may disclose your information in order to enforce matters relating to our Terms & Conditions, to respond to any claims, to protect our rights, or to prevent or pursue justice on any illegal activities. We may disclose your personal information if it is necessary to enforce legal rights and comply with the law, to comply with a legal order, to prevent or protect our rights, property, operations, users or others who may suffer loss, or to prevent fraud.

You have choices on how LBV uses your information.
You may request at any time to see the data we retain on your account. Please send a request to sales@loupecam.com with your
request or complete the Personal Information Request form at loupecam.com/contactupdate. If you’d like to update your personal data at any time, please send a request to sales@loupecam.com or complete the Personal Information Request form at loupecam.com/contact.

You may opt-out of our communications at any time. To do so, you may use the “unsubscribe” link located near the bottom of any of our emails and following instructions in an email you receive from us. You may also email sales@loupecam.com at any time to opt-
out of emails from LBV.  In an effort to abide by best practices regarding email and marketing automation, opting-out of VizVOCUS, Inc. communications may limit your ability to receive important information, such as software updates, which we cannot control if you opt-out. The responsibility of seeking software updates and/or Product Support falls solely on the User. You may contact us directly at support@loupecam.com to inquire on availability of software updates or if you require Product Support at any time, even if you’ve opted out of our emails.

As discussed above, LBV may associate information we collect from you (like serial number/email address) to your identifiable data to provide our full Services (including Product Support and Warranty assurances). EU customers may request that LBV anonymizes your data by emailing sales@loupecam.com with your request at any time. LBV will comply with your request as quickly as possible, but will not be able to provide any further Product Support for LoupeCam® by VizVOCUS, Inc. products you may own and will not be able to honor any remaining warranty period. Additionally, if LoupeCam® by VizVOCUS, Inc. products are resold by an End User who has requested their data be anonymized, LoupeCam® will be unable to provide Product Support for the associated product at any point in the future. If you are an EU customer and have any questions or concerns about how your data is used, please contact us directly at sales@loupecam.com.

LBV is primarily operated in the United States, meaning the information we collect is stored in the United States. We are also an international business with multi-national operations, systems, and processes. By using or continuing to use our Services, you acknowledge and agree that your data may be transferred to, used, processed, or stored by LBV in the United States and other countries, which may be outside of the country you reside in for the purposes outlined in this policy.

In rare circumstances, we may refer you to third party vendors or services outside of contractual obligations. LBV is not affiliated with these third parties unless otherwise specified,  and has no control over the way they use your data should you disclose personal details to them. VizVOCUS, Inc. will not disclose your details to such third parties unless directed to do so by you, and VizVOCUS, Inc. is not responsible for the privacy practices of any third party.

LBV collects and secures personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
LBV takes precautions to protect your personal information both online and offline. Wherever we collect sensitive information, such as credit card data, that information is encrypted and transmitted to us in a secure way. You can verify a webpage is secure by looking for a closed lock icon at the bottom of your web browser, or looking for “https” at the beginning of the address of a webpage.

While we use encryption to protect sensitive data transmitted online, LBV also makes every effort to protect your information offline. Only employees who need access to the information to perform a contractual obligation are granted access to personally identifiable information.

While we use encryption to protect sensitive information transmitted online, we have also implemented reasonable administrative, technical, and physical security measures to protect your sensitive records offline. Only employees who need the information to perform a specific job (for example, billing or customer service) are granted access to personally identifiable information. Despite our best efforts, however, no security measures are completely impenetrable. If we experience a breach to sensitive data, we will let you know the circumstances and response plan in the event it is necessary.

Any disputes arising from this sales agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of Arizona, without regard to its conflicts of law provisions. The customer agrees to irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Arizona and the Federal courts of the USA located in Maricopa County, Arizona. Such courts will constitute the exclusive courts of competent jurisdiction and venue for purposes of any dispute arising under or regarding this agreement or the transactions contemplated as part of this agreement.